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Main functions
- Daily input
- Display the description of the food-group by long tap the button
- List display
- Chart display
- Reminder for forgetting
- Can record marks that did not eat
- Future plan can be input
- Change icon and label
- Can record up to 5 users
- CSV file input / output

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Nutrition is unevenly disproportionate without knowing, and it seems that there is thing to be in low malnutrition in the era of this satiation.
It seems that there is a tendency to eat only favorite things, or tend to be short of protein without eating meat or eggs especially in elderly living alone.

Although we listen frequently to try to combine diverse foods with the goal of "30 items a day", but we can not have it quite easily.

At such time, I watched a way, introduced by Japanese TV program called Gatten, NHK. The way is only main dish and side dishes, except staple foods and luxury grocery foods, focusing on the food-group rather than the number of foods and checking the 10 food-groups. I was impressed to this, so created this app.

Five food-groups of meat, fish, eggs, soybeans, milk is protein. Oil, green and yellow vegetables, seaweed, potato, fruit are five food-groups necessary to make the protein work efficiently.

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